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  1. 【Question】How get a higher discount for my flower order?
  2. 【Question】Is there delivery charge?
  3. 【Question】How to redeem the vouther code?

  1. 【Question】How get a higher discount for my flower order?
    【Answer】When you order flower on,if you create account and order flower,be a new member,you will get 20 CNY +2% discount for your first order on your total order has reached the minmum standard of our senior associate member (total order amount is greater than or equal to 500), being the senior member, you will get a discount of 10% for every order, If you upgrade to VIP(total order amount is greater than or equal to 1000 CNY), you will get a higher .

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  2. 【Question】Is there delivery charge?

    【Answer】It free delivery if your address is urban. But delivery to suburbs will be pay delivery charge of ¥20  or delivery to outer suburbs will be pay delivery charge ¥40-¥60(eg. Airport, University City, the industrial areas, the development zone).

    Please contact customer service (by live chat, E-mail, phone) if you have any question about delivery charge.

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  3. 【Question】How to redeem the vouther code?
    【Answer】If you are our flower shop new member,when you create account success,you will receive value of 20 CNY vouther code in your email address,you can use it for the first order on,when you ordering and checkout on 4 steps "Choose Payment and Order Detail",on the Discount Coupons text input,input your vouther code,and click the redeem button to redeem,and then ,it tell you success ,it will show "Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance ->"Check box,you just checked,click the "continue" button ,you will found is subtract 20 CNY from total.

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Thank you very much for keeping me informed and also taken the efforts to send me a picture of the bouquet, looks really nice. The flowers seems to be fully blossomed, it will be nice if it is not so much so that it will last for another day or two more. But all in all, I am very happy and satisfied with your service, thank you.

— Kong

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