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How To Order Or Cancel
  1. 【Question】How to cancel my order?
  2. 【Question】In website order flowers will have a risk?
  3. 【Question】How could I know my order state?

  1. 【Question】How to cancel my order?

    【Answer】Please Click "Live Support" to leave your name and order number; or send E-mail to  requests to cancel your order. Then, as long as we have not delivered your order, the staff will cancel your order.

    Note:if your order is delivery China,please tell us 24 hours before the delivery date.if it is international orders,please tell us at least 48 hours before the delivery date.

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  2. 【Question】In website order flowers will have a risk?
    【Answer】You may be think that order flowers in website will be risk. If you think about it, may wish to consider the money pay more money. (*^__^*) It is a humor.
    Please believe that the companies pay attention to the pursuit of credibility, and we have a good customer reputation. "Customers 100%satisfaction "is our pursuit. We will do our best and provide a high quality of service to you. Please be assured that order flowers. Once served, I will send email to tell you.

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  3. 【Question】How could I know my order state?
    【Answer】We will send you an E-mail to tell your order state .Each email will be show :Order had submitted→Payment is successful→Processing your orders→Delivered . In addition, As a member you can visit the website to log in "My Account"-It will be show your order state.

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